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People Needed = 1
Time to complete = 1 hour

For best results watch this video all the way through and then read the instructions.

Before getting Started here is a list of Tools that you will need:
Screwdriver (Philips head),
Tweeker Screwdriver 1/16”
Additional bolts for attaching the bracket arm to the TV.
Stud Finder (I’m right here),
Blue painters tape,
Cordless Drill,
Socket, and attachment to drill,

What Kind of Mout should I get? 

For this video we are going to show the Standard Mount.
Mount the arms to the back of the television.
Locate the hardware that came with your mounting system most systems will say “universal” mounting system for a specific size television that you own.
(3:30) Tip – Make sure you do not mount the arm Bracket upside down. Look for a screw in the bottom of the arm.
Put the screws throw the mounting arm bracket and into the TV. Be sure not to over tighten.
(4:31) Tip – Every Slotted hole needs a washer.
Push down the arm bracket so that they are level.
Set wall bracket on the arms for measuring.
(6:45) Measure from the top of the TV stand (Top of the counter) to the bottom slot of the wall mounting bracket.  Next subtract the distance from the bottom of the TV to the counter.  This is how you will know where to mount the wall bracket.
(8:13) The bracket will be mounted into the studs – One on the left of center and the other to the right of center.
(9:34) Find the studs using a stud finder Find the center of the studs using your tweeker screwdriver.  Right Side and Left Side of Stud.
(11:21) Don’t Call your friends.
Find your lag bolt.
(11:57) Tip on piloting a lag bolt.   Hold the lag bolt and the drill bit together with the drill bit on top. You should be able to see 1/8 inch of thread on either side of the drill bit.
#1 Rookie Mistake!  Don’t drill all 4 holes at once.
(13:04) Turn on the vacuum before you start drilling.
(14:10) Center the bracket with the center mark on the wall and mount the bracket to the wall.
Now Lever the wall mount – Tip – Do not use the level on the mount.  “That Level is Rubbish”
Next, once you’ve leveled the wall mount then piolet drill the hole for the next bolt and attach the second bolt. Once that is done check the level again to make sure the wall bracket is still level.
Finally, mount the last 2 bolts.

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