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Ridiculously Thorough

Home Theater and Home Automation Video installation guide
Put the outlet where it needs to go

How to Mount your TV

Everything that you need to know on moving an outlet.

How to Install Surround Sound

This is a full installation of a high-end Surround Sound System

How to Hook up a Receiver

What should I use HDMI, COAX, Component, Optical?

Customize your cabling

How to Make CAT6 Cable the correct length and Coax
Protect your number One Asset

How to Install a Home Security System

Home Security without Paying for Monitoring.

The "Ridiculously Thorough" DIY

Home Theater Installation Guide
Free Surround Sound Installation Guide

Remote Control Guide

One remote to control everything. Eazy to program. Eazy to use.

Home Security

From doorbells to Security Cams that help you feel safe.

Saving your Pictures

Are your photos safe?  1, 2, 3 backup and storage.

Tool Guide

What is in your toolbox?  Use what the pros use.

Content HD Streaming

Are you planning on cutting the cable?  Make your own Tivo.

Do you have the right tool for the Job?

Simple advice that will help you do the job right the first time.

Cool products that we recommend

Picking a System

Most individuals are price conscious that is true but how do you know that you are buying a quality system? We will show you what the best value is for your budget.

Home AV Made Simple

If you can follow step by step video instructions and you have a desire to build a custom system we can assist you with building a great Home AV experience.

Don't get Stuck

Don’t hit a brick wall. Setting up you components can be confusing and frustrating if you are unclear on what to do.  HDMI, Switching, Routers, WiFi, Internet, BlueTooth, Speakers, Computer and Servers.

Who you will be working with

The Ridiculously Thorough Professional Home Theater and Home Automation Video Installation Guide.


Your Staff

Reality TV Star and Father of 5 Alan Clegg and Spartan Race Participant Anthony Blando

DIY Home Theater Installation

Step by step instructions that you can follow. 

We will walk you though "Your" installation

Questions? Comments? Advice? You Can Talk with us.