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Did you know that you do not need to pay for Home Security Monitoring. Alan Shows you how to install a Home Security System that you can monitor yourself.
We are using a Honeywell Vista 128BPT

22 x 2
22 gage wire and there is 2 wires
22 x 4
22 gage wire and there is 4 wires

What is a zone?

This is a simple series circuit

Motion detector

Key Pad
Front Door
Master bedroom

Identify all of your wires
Tone-ing – to identify the wire

Small wire stripers
Security wire with a string

Door contacts are 3/8th of an inch – drill a 3/8th inch hole

Tone Generator / continuity tester – 77HP Tracer 2 tempo

200EP Tempo Inductive Amplifier

The louder the more likely you found the right wire. When you touch the wires together the toner will shut off.

Wire the panel –

How are the zones going to be Laid out?

Panel Wiring install How to make it look nice

21:14 Don’t Judge me.

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23:02 Who is Madonna?

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