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Finishing up the motion detector

1:25 Put the screws in gently.

2:37 “Moving on”

Window Contact

Drill a 3/8th inch hole in the corner

3:04 Install the Window contact.

3:29 Pro Tip:  Cut the wire into do different lengths one wire about 2 inches longer than the other. Do the same thing to the Window contact.

4:04 I sadder the wires together to make it easier to get it back into the wall.

Tools needed butane powered torches Bernzomatic 6-in-1 Solder

Or a Weller SP40NKUS 40 Watt LED Soldering Iron Kit, Red/Black

5:30 Let the sadder cool.

5:47 tape up the connection.

5:50 Keep the wires away from one another

6:25 Tape the wire tight.

7:18 Push the wire back into the hole.

8:30 Install Magnet

10:05 They do not need to be right up against each other 3/8th of an inch is fine.

10:44 The Front Door Contact: Same as Window contact.

12:10 It must be a 3/8th inch hole.

15:10 Putting in the Magnet.

Drill a hole 3/8th of an inch

16:12 Hooking up the Power Supply

16:35 Do you have a cleaning lady?  What do you do for a Living? [email protected]

17:20 Put the Forks on the wire.  Use insulated forks

19:30 Putting in the Siren

21:21 Wire Red and yellow on positive and Black and Green on Negative.

22:00 You can also hook the wires together.

25:00 They have this thing called a drill.  But I am too lazy.