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Get a phone block –  InstallerParts 66 Punch Down Block
Tool needed: Punch Down Tool with 66, 110 and Krone Blades – Multifunction, Universal, Network Wire Cat6/Cat5e/RJ11/12 (Punch Down)

Time to get this done? 1 to 3 hours depending on skill and number of phone lines.

On the “Phone Block” in each row the two pins on the left are connected to each other and the two pins on the right are connected to each other.
In this installation we are going to land the home wire on one set and the live wire on the other set.

Pre-Wire – (Remember the order below)
In each CAT5 / CAT6 Cable there are 8 wires:

White – Blue – Phone Line 1
White Orange
White Green
White Brown

Mark the left side of the Phone Block every 9 – each mark is the White Blue.

Strip some CAT5 Cable

Start with White Blue and Blue and punch down the top wire.  Then hook the wire all the way down the block. Once you get to the bottom you will hook the wires and work your way to the top.  Finally, you will punch down the wires.

13:51 The completed wired Phone Block.  We only used the inner pins we left the outer pins open.

14:45 Installation in the media closet.  You will need a base.

Get your wires in place – Strip the cable with the string – cut the wire to a manageable length.  Then match the colors to the pre-wired phone block and cut the wires in.

Label the wire and repeat the process.