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What you will need to make CAT6 Cable.

CAT6 Cable – CTL Cat6 Plenum Blue Professional Cable 550mhz 1000ft UTP Solid Bulk Cable
TRENDnet 8P/RJ-45 and 6P/RJ-12, RJ-11 Crimp, Cut, and Strip Tool, TC-CT68
Toner TM RJ45 RJ11 RJ12 CAT5 CAT 6 UTP Network Lan Cable Tester Test Tool
Platinum Tools 100010C EZ-RJ45 Cat 6+ Connectors, Clamshell, 50-Pieces
Wire Stripers – Klein Tools 11045 Wire Stripper/Cutter, Yellow

Tip – Don’t start by cutting the CAT6 to length – Make sure when you cut the cable you cut it so that it is longer than you need.
1:05 Step one – Take your Stripper (The tool is Called a Striper) Score the outside jacket.
Give the cable a couple of bends to loosen up the outside plastic cover.
1:17 Pull off the plastic cover (jacket).
1:38 Now Pull the white string to length.
2:03 Cut off the String and cut off the jacket
2:50 untwist all of the wires.  Suck it up Butter Cup.
3:08 Make the wire straight. Get all of the wrinkles out of the wire.
3:20 “Chicks Love Calluses”
3:43 How to not pick up a girl.
4:13 Two types of Color codes that you can use.  A vs B

Always use B

White Orange
White Green
White Blue
White Brown

5:17 Cut at an angle:
5:26 Two Different types of Connectors We use the EZ pull connectors
5:54 Tip: This Color code only works if the flipper part is down
6:05 “Oh No Oh No”
6:15 All of the excess comes out the front of the connector. Always Check your work.
6:32 Pull the wires – Suck in the jacket.  Get the blue jacket as far into the connector as you can.
6:45 Give them a couple twists.
7:00 Take your crimping tool – It only goes in one way.

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