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In this video, Alan will go over how to get started on laying out the spacing for the speakers. Your system may be different but the principles are the same.

Tools needed:

Stud Finder (I’m Right Here. LOL)
Blue Painters Tape

People Required

You want the Center Speaker  / Center Channel to be in the Center of the room.  So you will want to Mount the TV in the Center or as Close to the Center of the Room as you can.  – You Do AV How To Mount a TV Guide.

Take a look at this graphic to get an idea where the speakers are going to go.  Layout – Graphic – Ideal Layout of speakers.


System That we used for this Installation:
65″ Samsung 1080p
Standard mounting Bracket
Yamaha RX-A850 7.2-Channel MusicCast AV Receiver with Built-In Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (Black)
Atlantic Technologies –

  • Atlantic Technology IW-110 (Single) you will need 3 (Left Right and Center)
  • Atlantic Technology IC-8.3 – you will need 4
    Earth Quake – MiniMe P10


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