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Installing Surround Sound

Finding the Studs - I am right here ūüėČ

In this video, Alan will go over how to get started on laying out the spacing for the speakers. Your system may be different but the principles are the same.  You can do this.

Can you say "Bad Luck" Alan Can.

Don't get discouraged when you have a minor set back there are things that you can not control in the construction.  Moving Studs is one of those setbacks.  This can be very simple.

Cutting in the Back Speakers

So you do not want to install the speakers directly over the head of the listener this is a common mistake. You want to go about 2 feet off the wall and to the right of the listening position.

Cutting out Back Speakers and Running Wire

Cutting in the back speakers and running wire.  "I am doing this for you viewers"  How to drill up through the top plate of a stud.  Only do this if it is your only resort.

How to run the speaker wire.

How to attach the wire and run the wire into the attic.  Make sure to use electrical tape. Alan is using a glow rod in this installation.  Be a good friend with you tape the wire. 

Running the Wire the simple way

So at this point we need to run the speaker wire and mount the speakers. Alan is showing how to install the speakers with sound boxes.

Wire up your speakers the right way

Lots of ways to make simple mistakes that will cost you time money and frustration.  Do it right the first time. Take your time.  This is a project that you will enjoy for years to come.

Getting the Wire to the Receiver

So we are using a rack for this example but you may be going to a cabinet or a shelf.  The principles are the same.  Run all of the wire at once do not burn the wires. Always leave slack.

Tools that we recommend

Milwaukee Tools

Who you will be working with

The Ridiculously Thorough Professional Home Theater and Home Automation Video Installation Guide.


Your Staff

Reality TV Star and Father of 5 Alan Clegg and Spartan Race Participant Anthony Blando


DIY Home Theater Installation

Step by step instructions that you can follow. 


We will walk you though "Your" installation

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