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People Needed = 1
Time to Complete = 1 hour

For best results watch this video all the way through and then read the instructions.

Before getting Started here is a list of Tools that you will need:
Screwdriver (Philips head),
Tweaker Screwdriver 1/16”
Additional bolts for attaching the bracket arm to the TV.
Stud Finder (I’m right here),
Blue painters tape,
Cordless Drill,
Socket, and attachment to drill,
Electrical Taped

So let’s face it. Mounting the TV to the wall is not really that difficult. But this project is a little bit different and a little bit more complex. We are going to be moving the electrical outlet to the back of the television and the existing electrical outlet is for studs to the right of where we need the new electrical outlet to go. So now things got a little bit more tricky. But not for Alan at You Do AV.

Along with being a reality TV show star on the hit show “wipeout” Allen is a professional at home theater installation.
For maximum results in viewing this video please you in high definition and in full-screen. Any electrical outlets that you will be touching you will need to make sure that they are turned off before doing any work on this project. Safety is your responsibility.

0.38 on plug and switch off outlets at the breaker
1.21 Tools needed – electrical outlet tester. (This will make sure that the electricity is turned off)
Warning – do not do this hot (if you’re not sure what Allen means when he says hot he is referring to turning off the electricity at the breaker – it doesn’t feel hot it’s more of the steamy tingling feeling if you get shocked)
1:37 Take off the outlet.
4:10 Confirm where the studs are with a tweeter screwdriver.
4:30 Cut the wires out.
5:00 Tip – do not use the electrical outlets where you stab the wiring into the back – that is the cheap contractor way of doing the project. Don’t be achieved scumbag contractor.
5:23 Untangle the wiring and pop out the box. (This is if you have a box)
Tool needed standard flathead screwdriver
5.47 Tip – in order to not damage the wall DO NOT pry toward the wall pry it AWAY for the stud.
Tools needed – Dykes
6:52 You do not need to get the box out of the wall – you can leave the box in the wall.

Do Not Cut the Wires.
8:14 You can take the easy way out here by just running the wire straight up the wall.
8:54 Drill a hole through the stud.
Tip do not go smaller than ½ inch on the drill bit. An extending can also be helpful.
10:44 Drill the other hole
Tip be careful not to drill through the other side of the wall (Go toward the back of the Stud)
11:21 Fishing tools.
Tools needed “ball chain” and a magnet.

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14:20 Tools needed – Stud finder
14:54 Boom-Shaka-Laka 
16:13 with an extension on your drill – drill through the next two studs.
17:09 Run wire and get ball chain out.
Tip – Do Not use ball chain to pull heavy wire – you will snap the ball chain. (Trust me I know)

Tools needed – Electrical Tape.
18:55 Follow the Sequence
Tools needed – Outlet Templet
20:00 Place template up against the stud.

Tool needed – Drywall Saw – vacuum
Tip – Do not use a power Saw
21:30 Drill Down and toward the center.
22:00 Full explanation on what needs to be accomplished to move the electrical outlet –
23:29 There is no Luck – only Skill – use of proper training and diet – if you want to his diet.
24:58 Bing – do you want to know what victory looks like victory looks like a ball chain sticking out of a hole.
25:27 Tape the wire to the ball chain.
25:52 You know what that smells like – it smells like money
26:49 Words of wisdom you can live by from Alan – every installation is going to be different you need to adjust on the fly and make it up as you go along nothing is ever going to fit together perfectly

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