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You can’t make a surround sound perfect for the whole room.  So ideally you will want to have the front 2 speakers 30° off center for left and right.   Set up your system for the ideal seat – front and center.

Tools needed:
Drywall Saw – Milwaukee 48-22-0304 Drywall-Plaster Rasping Jab Saw, 6-inches

When cutting out the hole for the speakers do not use a power saw. Take a look at 2:39 and 6:59 in the video to see a perfect example of why you do not want to use a power saw.
Pro Tip – Cut a little bit out of the line on the speaker template for easy installation of the speakers.

It’s Magic! at 7:50 – The studs are taken out.   We did not show this – if you want to see how it is done it is simple.  All you need to do is write a check to a general contractor and the wall will get reframed.

Think about setting up an AV closet – More videos to come on this if you would like to see how to do this.

Always do your patching at the end.

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