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Cutting in the back speakers and running wire.  “I am doing this for you viewers”  How to drill up through the top plate of a stud.  Only do this if it is your only resort.

Now we are going to layout my back 4 speakers.  Surround right, surround left, surround back right and surround back left.  We will start with the surround back right speaker that would be located to the right of the listening position (perpendicular to the viewing position).  See diagram.  Following this logic you would place the surround left speaker to the left of the listing position.

*Tip: Do not Put the speaker right up against the wall.  Mount the speaker about 6″ to 12″ off the wall.

The surround back left and surround back right speakers are behind the left and right surround speakers.  The most important part of this process is to make sure that the speakers fit into the static layout of your ceiling and your home Decor.  You need to balance the look of the system and the sound of the system typically you can find a way to make both of these priorities work well together.  Most likely you will need to compromise it is a very rare situation when a room works out perfectly.

*You will need to find the trus / stud in order to begin cutting out the speakers.

*Tip: Cut the hole slightly bigger than the templet or you will have a hard time getting the speaker in.

9:14 – Ready to Run Wire.
We are using a 1/2″ Flexible Drill bit.  This is not easy.
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